ENPHAROS TRACE is a performance management solution that provides, in ever complexifying and diversifying open distribution system environments, both tracking based on business transactions, which are processed in connection with complex IT resources, including WEB, WS, TP-monitor, DBMS, MCI and FEP, and tier-specific performance monitoring, such as WAS/TP-monitor.

Unlike other APM technologies that provide only tier-specific monitoring, such as WAS and TP-monitor, ENPHAROS TRACE provides business transaction-based tracking as well. Collection of information associated with performance using GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) enables accurate identification of less performing sections. Putting a combination of tier-specific monitoring and business transaction-based tracking as a prerequisite for actual performance improvement as there are growing complexity and uncertainties of systems, ENPHAROS TRACE is an enhanced APM solution, which delivers more powerful performance than other APM solutions.



ENPHAROS TRACE is DabomSoft’s main solution that simultaneously provides both tier-specific performance monitoring and tracking of business transactions occurring in connection with the entire range of applications spanning from business unit and channel server to database.

As ENPHAROS TRACE does not require source modification or recompiling, it can be easily installed to and removed from the operating system. It can also be operated well, even in peak times, without needing to adjust the monitoring level as it can collect performance information based on low overhead. The solution also provides optimal monitoring for large sites and easy management through its grouping function. The custom UI template is designed to suit characteristics of each user, enabling intuitive monitoring of performance.


  • Ultra lightweight ASM method (JAVA)
  • DLI technology with high portability (TP, proprietary technology)
  • High performance large capacity processing structure (NoSQL embedding/commercial RDBMS storage for real-time storage and processing)
  • Functionality

  • Monitoring of business transaction tracking in a single screen
  • Business-specific monitoring and linked tracking
  • Easy detailed analysis (e.g., top-down call tree, zoom in, performance view)
  • Powerful post-analysis and performance prediction (baseline comparative analysis and performance trend-based performance prediction)
  • Typical/atypical report and direct access to repository architecture

  • Monitoring methodology for core computing languages (C & JAVA)
  • Our solutions applied to over 200 sites in a variety of industries (cumulative)
  • High proportion of large-capacity and multiple nodes
  • Integrated Insights

  • provides an optimized business unit grouping function in a multi-node system of large capacity , and provide a business unit grouping feature
  • Constantly monitoring is possible in a minimum of system load
  • Immediately applicable without changing the application source
  • Excellent portability

  • Consistent monitoring with minimized system load
  • No need to modify application sources
  • Minimize TCO

  • Enables integrated performance management at lower costs compared to multi-vendors
  • Minimized redundant costs from operation and management
  • Maximize ROI

  • Superior response to failure from integrated perspectives
  • Improved efficiency by integrating enterprise-wide monitoring system
  • Eliminated silo effect through a single monitoring view in terms of development, operation and management
  • Benefits

    ENPHAROS is an enhanced application performance management solution that meets corporate needs for integrated performance management by supporting from interactive perspectives that track business transactions processed in multi-tier environments in connection with various IT resources (e.g., WAS, TP-monitor, MCI, FEP, EAI) and tier-specific detailed performance monitoring such as WAS and TP-monitor.

    • Multi-tier based business transaction performance management system
    • Minimized administrator burden by eliminating dependency on certain development languages
    • Ensured high service availability through linked analysis and diagnosis
    • Strengthened business competitiveness and corporate permanence by maintaining consistent performance
    • Realized enterprise-wide performance management ranging from working level personnel to level C
    • Supports intuitive and fast performance management through streamlining management points
    • Reduced costs by introducing and operating single vendor solutions

    Support Specifications

    [ENPHAROS TRACE Server Requirement]
    Item Requirement
    OS UNIX, Linux, MS Windows Family
    Hardware Processor Intel Dual Pentium® IV 2GHz and higher
    AMD Dual Athlon XP 2400+ and higher
    RAM More than 4096MB of memory space
    Disk Space
     At least 100GB ( flexible , depending on the number of monitored )
    NIC 100Mbps
    OS 32Bit, 64Bit
    Display Minimum 1024X768 resolution , 24bit color or higher
    Software JDK
    Version 1.7 or later required
    DBMS Cassandra built-in support ( the default installation )
    Oracle 9i, 10gR2, 11g support ( commercial DB support )
    PostgreSQL support (commercial DB support )
    [Agent Compatibility]
    Item Requirement
    OS UNIX(IBM AIX 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, HP-UX 10, 11, Solaris)
    Linux, MS Windows Family
    JAVA JDK 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
    JEUS, Weblogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, OC4, JBoss
    TP Tmax Tmax 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
    Tuxedo Tuxedo 8~12g
    [UI Requirements]
    Item Requirements
    Web Browser Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher,
    Mozilla Firefox 17 and higher, Google Chrome,
    Safari 5.0 and higher, Opera 11 and higher
    Viewer JAdobe Flash Player 11.9 and higher(UI 4.1 and lower)
    Adobe Flash Player 14.0 and higher(UI 5.0 and higher)