ENPHAROS JAVA is an APM (Application Performance Management) solution that provides real-time monitoring of services and resources linked to implement, maintain and improve optimal performance of Java-based applications introduced and used in businesses.

ENPHAROS JAVA monitors WAS and Java applications in operation in real time and provides detailed information on performance indicators in call tree format, including performance, failure events, and resource usage, and also monitors the current state of such applications by collecting database processing information. It automatically generates notifications according to the predefined threshold so that the administrator can take active and immediate action against any performance deterioration and failure.

ENPHAROS JAVA also provides highly legible statistical analyses in various forms for statistics-based quantitative analysis and top program analysis, as well as typical/atypical reports based on the analyzed data that can be used as indicators for the administrator and level C to make quick decisions from business perspectives.

[The Main Screenshot of ENPHAROS JAVA]


Detailed Features

Real-time monitoring of targets for WAS

  • Provides monitoring of load, performance, JVM resource usage, and real-time requests
  • Immediately generates call tree-based Method/SQL
  • Immediately detects WAS and DB issues
  • Detects and analyzes WAS failures quickly and prevents failure

  • Generates alarm when performance has deteriorated or any sign of failure appears
  • Accurate failure analysis through post analysis in real time and in minutes
  • Prevents overload and prevents failure through macro blocking function
  • Powerful analysis and remedy suggestion

  • Monitoring methodology for core computing languages(JAVA)
  • Applied to over 200 sites in a variety of industries(cumulative).
  • High proportion of large-capacity and multiple nodes
  • Facilitates management and reduces operating costs

  • Provides automated reporting
  • Reports the daily/weekly/monthly status of system operation
  • Provides snapshot
  • Benefits

    From ENPHAROS JAVA’s performance management for WAS and JAVA applications, companies can expect the following benefits.

    • Real-time integrated performance monitoring of WAS and Java applications
    • Ability to monitor failure information in real time and proactively respond to failure
    • Continuous service availability and maximized utilization of system resources
    • Realization of integrated operation management for large-capacity WAS servers

    Supported Specifications

    [ENPHAROS JAVA Server Requirement]
    Item Requirement
    OS UNIX, Linux, MS Windows Family
    Hardware Processor Intel Dual Pentium® IV 2GHz and higher
    AMD Dual Athlon XP 2400+ and higher
    RAM More than 4096MB of memory space
    Disk Space
     At least 100GB ( flexible , depending on the number of monitored )
    NIC 100Mbps
    OS 32Bit, 64Bit
    Display Minimum 1024X768 resolution , 24bit color or higher
    Software JDK
    Version 1.7 or later required
    DBMS Cassandra built-in support ( the default installation )
    Oracle 9i, 10gR2, 11g support ( commercial DB support )
    PostgreSQL support (commercial DB support )
    [Agent Compatibility]
    Item Requirement
    OS UNIX(IBM AIX 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, HP-UX 10, 11, Solaris)
    Linux, MS Windows Family
    JAVA JDK 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
    JEUS, Weblogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, OC4, JBoss
    [UI Requirements]
    Item Requirements
    Web Browser Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher,
    Mozilla Firefox 17 and higher, Google Chrome,
    Safari 5.0 and higher, Opera 11 and higher
    Viewer JAdobe Flash Player 11.9 and higher(UI 4.1 and lower)
    Adobe Flash Player 14.0 and higher(UI 5.0 and higher)