Technical Support Introduction

Dabom Soft Co., Ltd is the first principle of technical support for the software-oriented is to “provide appropriate services in a timely manner (On-time) that require the customer.
Dabom Soft Co., Ltd provides a dedicated engineer’s strategic partners (SP) combines the skills and rich experience in the field of the product for the rapid delivery of high-quality technical support services. In addition, partner support and customer service improvement consulting practice has been to improve the qualitative improvement Dabom Soft Co., Ltd and customer service through redundant systems that support direct management experience.

Service classification

[Free maintenance] – within 1 year after purchase

Faros Suites yen phone (JAVA / TP / TRACE) full license purchase support services for technical issues encountered during periodic inspection and operated / managed by partners belonging to one year after purchase dedicated engineers (major / minor upgrades included) you can get available online, such as visits.
[Capital maintenance – Maintenance-free annual renewal after expiry

Even after the free support period ends, you can continue the same technical support service without interruption through the capital maintenance contract signed. Free maintenance expiration date deurimyeo individual contact with an older partner, capital maintenance period will conclude a one-year basis.

[Technical support service & process]