Finanace Field

The financial industry is a classic and failed to provide a clear breakthrough due to the low interest rates that followed As consumption contracted out of low-margin structure of a prolonged recession yet. IT budgets with reduced costs for propulsion dwaeteumyeo improved revenue structure, fixed expenses accounted for a significant part of the new investment is not an easy situation. The government has a commitment to activate one thousand people through deregulation ‘pin-Tech’ personal information later promoted as part of marketing protection measures Detection System (FDS), new investments in the financial industry and financial services to visit (ODS) are expected to be concentrated. If you have completed the acquisitions of financial institutions prior to the Capital Market Consolidation Act enforcement seems to have a certain budget allocated to build and integrate next-generation systems, securities firms last year conducted a large-scale job cuts are expected to take place in the IT outsourcing budget allocations.

Telecommuication Field

Telecommunications markets are engaged in fierce competition for securing additional 700MHz frequency will have a decisive impact on the middle, LTE initiative that is expected to preoccupy the investment-related competencies focused on building base stations for LTE service was started diminishing speed competition. On the other hand, when the world’s first commercialized in 2020 and 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic demonstration 5G sectors ahead of the business, operators and device manufacturers to hegemonic occupation, equipment manufacturers, chipset manufacturers hapjong between alliances are expected to be accelerated.

Manufacturing Field

Manufacturing is the buzzword of the year, the commercialization of products based on the IoT-related technologies. Domestic and foreign enterprises such as Samsung and Apple, as well as small businesses are scrambling smart mobile and wearable devices, smart appliances ∙ smart home, smart cars are ready, serves a variety of authentic products such as sensors spread IoT. For the implementation of the IoT networks, platforms, applications must as necessary, platform operators and cooperation with the IT SW development company is expected to take place actively.

Service Field

Services market with respect to the platform business and the rapid growth of the mobile platform is underway TV, electronics, IoT, electronic payments such as offline in conjunction with a variety of platforms is expected to spread. Overseas fastball into the country’s fast-growing online shopping market Active X and abolished obligatory thanks to online shopping frenzy in anticipation Alibaba environment will be greatly improved, such as the Amazon, the domestic expansion of global e-commerce companies with easy payment being actively reviewed.

Public Field

According to the future creation and Science and the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs announced the 2015 public sector SW · ICT equipment demand forecast survey, 2015 software (SW) · Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment business volume has increased by 7.4% yoy 3.8125 trillion found that the original size. The scale of the operation and maintenance of projects is greatly increased woke to 1.3834 trillion won, and operating and maintaining commercial SW maintenance rate was revised up analysis of the effect of a larger system.

Recent public organizations reduce costs, etc. There seemed the most aggressive move for reasons such as government efficiency, business integration cloud computing center G, the Defense Ministry of Defense to build integrated management system based on open source, the future movement of these professionals is expected to be accelerated are and.