Hana SK Card | Construction of total performance management system

Hana SK Card had operated a transaction tracking system of company “H”, which had been introduced to the Hana Bank system, but due to high load on the target systems, it had to use the system on a limited basis only for monitoring the number of transactions processed. The client considered replacing the solution to […]

National Health Insurance Service | Construction of total performance system for integrated premium collection

The client embarked on selecting tools required for tracking management of complex transactions of different IT systems. As a result, the client introduced ENPHAROS TRACE, which received high scores on various evaluation items, including transaction tracking without having to modify application source, powerful real-time monitoring and instant detection, rapid error analysis and system stabilization in […]

National Credit Union Federation | Construction of monitoring & tracking system

The client recognized that it needed to conduct sectional analysis of inter-tier response time and monitoring of all business activities and tracking of all transactions to ensure service response time based on the established multi-tier environment and to improve services, and thus embarked on selecting tools to implement such functions. As a result of considering […]

Hanwha Investment & Securities | Construction of transaction tracking system

Hanwha Investment & Securities recognized that maintaining competitive service speed is directly related to brokerage sales given the characteristics of the securities business, and began to find a solution that provides real-time, section-specific analysis of response time for each tier in multi-tier environments. In particular, when selecting a tool, the client focused on improving the […]

Hyosung Capital | Construction of integrated control system for next-generation system

Hyosung Capital had previously used different performance and fault management solutions from multiple vendors. To ease the psychological burden of administrators and prevent operation management costs from rising at the same time, the client decided to introduce PHAROS TRACE, which enables specific-section transaction tracking and total situation management system regardless of development language (C, JAVA).

Kyongnam Bank | Construction of APM for next generation system

In introducing a next-generation system, Kyongnam Bank recognized the necessity of the function of tracking all transactions conducted via FEB on MCI system, SQL execution time, bind variable, and plan information, and began to find proper solutions. As a result, the client chose PHAROS TRACE as the solution to provide real-time monitoring from business perspectives, […]

Jeonbuk Bank |Construction of E2E performance management system for next-generation system

Jeon Buk Bank opted to introduce a next-generation system employing a “big bang” approach as part of its efforts to make a bold leap forward from being a local bank to becoming a major financial company. Recognizing the function of transaction tracking of distributed core banking as a key to the reliable launching of the […]