Ajou University |Construction of WAS performance management system

Ajou University opted to introduce a next-generation system to achieve its goal of becoming the best university in the central region of Korea. It decided to introduce Java-based systems in main business areas, which are optimized for internet, rather than the client/server method. The client decided to find a WAS performance management solution to perform […]

SK Energy | Construction of WAS performance management system

A gas station company needs to ensure 24/7 service reliability to be competitive, particularly as it runs a nation-wide network of franchisees. In accordance with this, SK Energy recognized the importance of WAS availability management, and chose ENPHAROS JAVA as a WAS performance management solution.

Incheon International Airport | Construction of APM for AURI operation system

In its project for introducing an advanced airport business system to solidify its position as the world’s No.1 airport, Incheon International Airport decided to introduce a WAS performance management solution for having a reliable 24/7/365 operation and management of WAS, which is the basis for construction of ERP throughout business administration, and as a result, […]

Korea Telecom | Construction of BIT middleware monitoring system

KT embarked on finding a suitable solution to monitor ERP (Oracle SIEBEL) and WAS and ESB for its BIT project carried out for communication infrastructure innovation. The client chose Dabom Soft, which has WAS monitoring packages with the capabilities to develop the monitoring of C++-based SIEBEL CRM monitoring as ERP.

Korea Rail Network Authority | Construction of APM monitoring system

In the process of constructing its portal system, one of its main business systems, using JAVA, Korea Rail Network Authority realized the necessity of stable management tools for quality control and operation of JAVA and WAS, and chose ENPHAROS JAVA, a proven solution with many case studies of providing excellent performance and stability for many […]

REPUBLIC OF KOREA NAVY | Construction of APM in host computer replacement project

To perform stable management of new WAS servers to be introduced in the obsolete equipment replacement project, the client chose ENPHAROS JAVA, which has case studies involving large capacity monitoring applications for centralized total management of heterogeneous WAS.

Korea Post | Construction of Application Performance Management for mail distribution

With ever growing transactions of mail distribution system during peak time such as national holidays, Korea Post considered introducing tools in pursuit of a fundamental solution through application tuning in addition to hardware extension, and chose ENPHAROS JAVA as the solution.

IBK Capital | Construction of next-generation total monitoring system

While building a next-generation system in order to make a big leap forward to becoming a top capital financial company, IBKCapital realized that it is necessary to build a total control monitoring system that can be operated by a small group of IT personnel beyond the management of individual infrastructure, and it chose ENPHAROS JAVA […]

Hana SK Card | Construction of total performance management system

Hana SK Card had operated a transaction tracking system of company “H”, which had been introduced to the Hana Bank system, but due to high load on the target systems, it had to use the system on a limited basis only for monitoring the number of transactions processed. The client considered replacing the solution to […]

Shinhan Bank | Construction of total operation management system

Shinhan Bank is one of the big 3 banks in Korea with total deposits received amounting to 190 trillion won as of the end of 2014, which operates the largest internet banking service in Korea. Shinhan Bank recognized limits in the real-time processing capabilities of the WAS monitoring tool from foreign P company, which it […]